Freewallet, the world’s leading multi-cryptocurrency wallet, announced today that it has added XinFin’s utility token XDC to their platform.

Freewallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies. The freewallet lite is one of the most popular wallets on the platform, and now it has been added to their list of supported tokens with the addition of XinFin’s Blockchain Utility Token XDC.

XinFin is a worldwide commerce and finance hybrid blockchain network. XinFin’s native cryptocurrency, XDC, has been integrated to Freewallet, a safe crypto wallet. The actual purpose for this capability is to allow for faster and less expensive transactions. The online wallet now displays the XDC symbol.

By partnering with various platforms that provide services, the XinFin Network is increasing its value and standard. With 2000+ transactions per second, XinFin is considered a third-generation network. In contrast to other blockchain systems, the transaction confirmation takes just 2 seconds. Furthermore, the transaction cost is practically nil, which is the most valuable feature for customers looking for quick and inexpensive transactions.

Freewallet allows you to trade XDC.

Freewallet is an ideal platform for sending, storing, managing, and trading digital assets. Major credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as certain prepaid and virtual cards, are accepted by buyers. Furthermore, consumers are given instructions on how to trade XDC using Freewallet. There are two major stages to follow in this process:

  • Step 1: On our mobile device (Android / iOS), download the Freewallet app.
  • Step 2: To get the coin address, tap ‘+’ and Receive.

Note: XDC cannot be traded at this time since the wallet does not support it. A new version of Freewallet will be available shortly. 

Users may also obtain answers to their questions by visiting the XDC Network Explorer and the XDC website. Users will, however, be able to receive answers to all of their questions on the network, wallets, contracts, and DApps.

As a result, XinFin XDC will raise the bar by extending its worldwide network to serve all financial companies and industries. Its decentralized blockchain technology lowers risk and complexity while increasing network efficiency and dependability. Furthermore, all XDC users will be able to take advantage of additional offers and services on other platforms in the near future.

Solitary Features of XinFin

XinFin XDC01 is a blockchain network that uses a collection of hybrid protocols to improve the efficiency of all major financial markets. The smart contracts and real-time settlement processes are XinFin’s two major assets. This distinguishes the network from its rivals. Furthermore, the smart contract functionality assists both commercial and public sector organizations in transitioning from centralized to decentralized networks. Moreover, the XinFin network is expanding its ecosystem by collaborating with a variety of platforms. This increases the network’s adaptability. By developing a consensus method known as Delegated Proof of Stake, XinFin keeps a digital democracy alive (XDPoS). Every transaction on the XinFin (XDC) blockchain platform is validated by this.

The first cryptocurrency wallet, Freewallet, was released in January 2016. It was created to make it simpler to store and manage digital content. It is one of the most user-friendly and secure online wallets for cryptocurrency users. According to current statistics, the user’s strength has increased to 3,000,000+ thanks to new technology and features. In addition, the wallet supports over 100 digital currencies and is aimed at both Android and iOS users. Users sign up for Multi-currency wallets using a web interface that is available in 13 different languages. Within Freewallet, this allows users to have quick and fee-free transactions.

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The Freewallet is a mobile wallet for a variety of cryptocurrencies. The XinFin’s Blockchain Utility Token XDC Added to Freewallet is now available on the Freewallet. Reference: ethereum tokens list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wallet supports XDC?

My wallet supports XDC.

What will XDC be used for?

XDC is a community driven project, so the possibilities are endless. It could be used for anything from creating an interactive game to generating random numbers.

What Exchange supports XDC?

The following exchanges support XDC:

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