TRON has partnered with Binance and IGO Crypto to launch the first blockchain-based game. WIN NFT HORSE will be a decentralized platform where players can win in-game assets through gameplay, allowing them to trade their wins for TRX or other cryptocurrencies. This is an exciting move that demonstrates how big companies are beginning to embrace blockchain technology into different industries.

WIN NFT HORSE will make its spectacular debut on BINANCE NFT IGO on November 25th. On a first come, first served basis, a limited number of WIN NFT HORSE Mystery Boxes will be offered in a set price instant-sale format.

Project Goals:

TRON, in collaboration with APENFT and WINKLink, has released WIN NFT HORSE, a “Gamefi + NFT” horse racing game. It is built by a professional and dedicated game development team under TRON for half a year long.

WIN NFT HORSE’s objective, unlike many other GameFi games, is to enable all participants to profit financially from the game and to return all of the game’s earnings to all players.

WIN NFT HORSE is striving to reinvent the value of GameFi by redefining the concept of GameFi, exploring new GameFi games, and leading the new wave of “Play to Earn” mode, transforming the conventional gaming world. I’m looking forward to providing all gamers with the finest GameFi gaming experience possible.


Initial Game Offerings, or IGOs, are NFT collections from top-tier gaming projects that are only accessible on BINANCE NFT. Auctions, fixed price auctions, and mystery boxes are all options for launching collections. IGOs may be performed in many rounds, with each round giving a different quantity of assets and a tiered pricing structure. All drop material will include in-game assets such as early-access passes, weapons and equipment, special BINANCE cosmetics and skins, and much more!

The advantages of debuting in BINANCE for players are as follows:

Investors will be able to purchase high-quality horse NFT assets at cheap cost by playing new on the BINANCE NFT marketplace, and horses will be able to get higher value depth and liquidity based on the whole BINANCE ecosystem.

According to the previous performance of projects launched on the BINANCE NFT marketplace, the secondary market premium might be 10 times, 20 times, or even 30 times, making it beneficial to acquire them. These horse NFTs may also be used to breed, compete, and win hefty token awards once the game is released.

Users of BINANCE may engage in the following ways:

You may utilize the money in your BINANCE wallet on BINANCE NFT if you’re a BINANCE user. If you want to learn how to top up your wallet to purchase NFTs on BINANCE, read BINANCE’s step-by-step instruction.

Please be informed that some nations are not permitted to participate in the BINANCE NFT Marketplace.

Find us: is the official website.





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