Cryptocurrencies are touted as a great investment, and the best crypto-bots are considered a great entry point into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Trading bots eliminate human error and emotion from crypto trading when they work with a rules-based system.

Since, unlike humans, they don’t feel fatigue and don’t like repetitive tasks, they can continue to invest money even when you are asleep or logged out of your system. Now if you are wondering how to be a part of this, you need to define a trading robot. One of the most popular bots used to automate crypto trading is Trality. Let’s take a closer look at Truth and discover its features, price, advantages and disadvantages.


Trality is an Austrian company incorporated in 2019. Founders Moritz Ptzhammer and Christopher Helf wanted to create a tool that would reduce professional and individual inequalities in the profession. Hence the desire to make algorithmic trading and more intelligent bots accessible to all. With Trality, users can customize and tune bots with a very high degree of accuracy and precision. Its easy access and functionality make it an advanced platform preferred by many.

Trality has a number of features that customers can use to improve their algotrading setup. Here are some of the key features:

Full cloud system

Trality offers customers a true cloud-based system. This means that you can create your own trading robots, test them and adjust their actions through your web browser. You can then take action by implementing them in the cloud. This eliminates the need for complex hardware and software and creates a simple, cloud-based system that can be easily negotiated.

Holistic building regulations

Sincerity is a good choice even if you have no programming experience. If you don’t want to bother programming your robot, Rule Builder makes it easy to create a robot with all the features you need. It’s an interactive, graphical-based interface that’s pretty easy to use. So you can create your strategies by simply dragging and dropping strategy points and indicators. You can set limits, triggers and stop losses and price targets without having to plan.

Python code editor

With an incredibly powerful Python API, you can create efficient and accurate algorithms. Allows you to create unique bots that execute your custom policies. APIs are used to provide access to financial data and TA indicators. The future of truth promises sophisticated mathematical formulas, statistics and machine learning, as well as multiple sources of data that can be compared.

It’s all hosted in the cloud and runs in your browser, which adds privacy to the list of benefits. In addition, the Python editor offers smart autocompletion and debugging, and the ability to switch between versions of the strategy you are developing.

Reverse test

For the successful trader, a strategy is always tested before being adopted. With Reality, you can test the accuracy and success of the created strategy by backtesting. You can do a quick and easy backtest that includes exchange fees.

Implementation in the browser is fast and historical data is available up to the minute. The instrument itself is very flexible. You can choose scenarios, timeframes, etc. You will also have access to backtesting and paper trading history tools to refine your knowledge.


Here are the pros and cons of Truth that you should keep in mind:


  • Browser implementation
  • Easy to use system, even for those who do not want to program.
  • Reverse testing and paperwork
  • Completion of the cost calculation
  • Excellent documentation
  • A fully cloud-based system
  • Both the code builder and rule builder are available.


  • No commercial application
  • The aid is limited to four exchanges
  • No future or short-term transactions

Although Trality has plans for expansion, the current list of supported cryptocurrency exchanges is shown below:

  • Binance
  • Bitpanda
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken

Security and privacy are the most important factors to consider when choosing a trading robot. Truth takes care of it thanks to full end-to-end encryption algorithms. The user’s money is safe at the exchange office of your choice, never in your account. The business strategies themselves are so encrypted that not even Truth can access them. So you have a completely secure system, protected from prying eyes. All you have to do is set your strategies and the robot will win for you 24/7 according to your rules. Your information and your money are protected at Truth.

Truth wants to make algorithmic trading accessible to everyone. That’s why they offer a range of rates to suit everyone. They even offer a free starter plan to test the system and make as many transactions as you want before choosing the paid plan.

  • Deposit (free)
    • Trade volume of 5,000 euros
    • Gap 60 m
    • 1 live bot and 1 virtual bot
    • Unlimited ratings
    • 1 week of saved logs
  • Knight (€9.99)
    • Trading volume of €25,000.
    • Gap 60 m
    • 2 live bots and 2 virtual bots
    • Unlimited ratings
    • 1 month storage of magazines
  • Tower (39,99 €)
    • Trading volume of 250,000 euros
    • 5 m Tapping interval
    • 5 live bots and 5 virtual bots
    • Unlimited ratings
    • 6 months storage of magazines
  • lady (59,99 €)
    • Unlimited transaction volume
    • 1 m Tapping interval
    • 10 live bots and 10 virtual bots
    • Unlimited ratings
    • Unlimited log storage

Signing up for Trality is very easy. All you have to do.

  • Register by clicking on the Register here option.
  • On the dashboard, the option Create new robot appears.
  • Choose the code editor or the rule generator
  • Follow the documentation and make your bot

In short, Trality seems to be a promising platform for algo trading. With an affordable price, excellent customer support and lots of features, it is definitely a good choice.


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