The number of major NFT marketplaces is expected to grow tenfold in the next three years. This means that its easier than ever for users to buy and sell their favorite cryptocollectibles. Check out our top 7 picks with a brief overview of each marketplace, along with why it stands out from the pack

The “top nft marketplaces 2021” is a list of the top 7 NFT (non-fungible token) marketplaces that are reviewed for the year of 2021.

The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded in 2021, with some crypto art and other virtual collectibles fetching millions of dollars.

You’ll learn about the main seven NFT markets in this book, which enable you to buy, sell, and collect NFTs.


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

OpenSea is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace situated in New York that was created in 2017. Users may purchase and trade, among other things, blockchain-backed collectibles, art, music, domain domains, trading cards, and virtual worlds on this platform.

The OpenSea website is straightforward and simple to use. Users get access to all of the NFTs in the marketplace, as well as data on the platform’s top NFTs and a support center. On OpenSea, beginners will have no trouble minting and selling NFTs. After listing their first NFT, users may enjoy practically gas-free listings.

On OpenSea, NFT artists have the benefit of earning royalties every time a consumer purchases their item. A royalty charge of up to 10 percent may be put up. Users may also import products from other NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and Mintable.

Users on OpenSea may use Chainlist to add additional networks to their wallets than Ethereum. CryptoPunks, Sorare, and Ethlings were among the best-performing non-fungible tokens on this exchange at the time of writing.


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

Rarible is an NFT marketplace situated in Los Angeles that divides its NFTs into categories such as art, photography, music, domains, DeFi, games, and Metaverses. Non-fungible tokens may be bought, sold, and created here. In the year 2020, the marketplace was established.

When you first enter Rarible, you will discover that it is rather crowded. As a result, figuring out how to get started may take a few moments. On the site, you’ll also find the best-selling NFTs and the hottest collections. This allows visitors to see what’s going on in the marketplace. Rarible also has a number of celebrity NFTs. A 10 percent royalty fee is charged.

Authentic and passionate collectors and makers get validated badges from the network. To be validated, users must fill out a form. You may also use OpenSea to organize and display your Rarible collections.

NFTs may also be listed in RARI on OpenSea. This is the governance token for Rarible. RARI rewards active users who have an impact on the marketplace’s decision-making process. Rarible aspires to become a completely decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the future, with users making all choices.


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

SuperRare is an Ethereum-based marketplace for rare digital art situated in Delaware. Artists may only present their work on this platform if they are invited, since SuperRare only wants to show high-quality art. Furthermore, a corresponding number of active collectors and artists is desired.

SuperRare has a straightforward design that makes it easy for consumers to locate what they’re looking for. As a method of supporting its artists, the portal also encourages new art releases. On secondary sales, SuperRare offers built-in royalties for its artists. For creators, the main and secondary sale commissions are 85 and 10%, respectively. All purchases are subject to a three percent charge.

In the year 2018, SuperRare was founded.


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

Mintable is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace headquartered in Singapore that allows you to mint, buy, and trade non-fungible tokens. The platform, which was launched in 2018, allows NFTs based on Ethereum and Zilliqa. Royalties of 10 percent might be established by the creators.

Mintable sells NFTs in a variety of categories, including art, video games, collectibles, and music. The top NFTs are also shown on the homepage of this marketplace. You will also discover that navigating the website is simple.

On Mintable, there are three categories of items: gasless, regular, and printable. On standard, gasless, and printed products, the site charges 2.5, five, and 10 percent fees when they sell. In addition, the marketplace contains an NFT DAO that allows for community-driven governance. Each voter is given a non-fungible voting token that represents their voting power.

By subscribing to the Mintable pro plan, users have access to additional services such as a personalized shop and an advertising package.

Inventive Gateway

Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

Nifty Gateway is one of the most popular NFT exchanges. It was created in 2018 and has its headquarters in New York.

Nifty is a centralized digital art marketplace. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to pay with ETH to utilize this site. Because you can purchase and sell nifties (the platform’s word for NFTs) with USD, this is the case. Nifty Gateway is owned by Gemini, a regulated US digital currency exchange.

Drops are used by the platform to distribute compilations from prominent artists. These sets are available for a short time only. On the website, you may see a countdown that indicates when the next drop will occur. In addition, the platform is simple to use.

The royalty amount that artists will accept on secondary sales is up to them to determine. Each secondary sale is charged a 5% fee + 30 cents by Nifty.


Top 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

Foundation is a digital art platform where artists are invited by the community. Invited artists may then mint and sell their NFTs after entering the marketplace. The creators are paid an 85 percent commission on primary sales and a 10 percent commission on secondary sales. Other creators may also be invited.

The website is clean and professional in appearance. However, the homepage has a lot of material, which may slow down the website’s loading speed.

Since its start in February 2021, the Foundation claims that artists have earned more than $40 million. This marketplace sold the renowned Nyan Cat NFT for 300 ETH ($842,325).

MakersPlaceTop 7 NFT Marketplaces, Reviewed for 2021

Artists, authors, and photographers may sell their work on MakersPlace, a non-profit marketplace for digital producers. It connects creative artists with the opportunity to market their work.

Escrow services and the ability to take credit card payments for secondary sales are available via the platform. In addition, the marketplace, like Nifty Gateway, distributes fresh artwork via drops. MakersPlace encourages makers and charges a 15% fee on all Ethereum purchases. A 10 percent royalty fee is charged.

MakersPlace was created in 2018 and has its offices in San Francisco.

NFTs are now widely available to everyone with an internet connection and an Ethereum wallet thanks to the mentioned NFT markets.

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NFT is a term for “non-fungible token” which refers to the digital assets that are not fungible. A NFT marketplace is a place where you can buy and sell these tokens. A review of the top 7 NFT marketplaces, with their stock prices in 2021. Reference: nft marketplace stock.

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