crypto users will be happy to know that they can earn crypto currency on their online purchases through a number of crypto cashback apps.

In this guide, you will discover the best crypto currency apps and platforms that allow you to earn crypto currency while shopping online in 2020.

How do cashback programs work?

Cashback programs allow buyers to get cashback discounts when they make a purchase. The idea behind cashback programs is to encourage shoppers to spend more by motivating them with free money.

The most common cashback programs are credit cards. When you make a purchase with a cash-back credit card, the credit card issuer may pay a small amount of cashback (usually a percentage of the purchase) because merchants pay an interchange fee for credit card payments.

Fortunately for crypto currency users, there is also a crypto currency rewards program that reimburses customers in bitcoin (or other digital currency) when they make a purchase online.

Cryptocurrency cashback apps have become increasingly popular in the crypto community, as they allow users to lock in sats while making necessary (and not so necessary) purchases. They can afford to pay users small amounts in bitcoin (BTC) by sharing the reduced referral fees they receive when they refer a customer to a particular merchant.

Top Crypto Applications forrefunds

Currently, there are more than half a dozen cryptographic applications and programs that can be used by U.S. citizens. Below are five of the most popular.

Top 5 Crypto Cashback Rewards Apps You Can Use in 2020


Australian cryptocurrency platform BitcoinRewards was launched in 2017 to let bitcoin users earn BTC discounts. The web platform comes with a browser extension that allows users to earn significant revenue from over 1,500 retail outlets.

To receive bitcoin discounts through BitcoinRewards, users must register with the platform, add a browser extension, and view a list of supported vendors to make a purchase. Fees range from 0.8% to 40% and are deposited into the platform’s BTC portfolio.

Supported retailers include ASOS, Best Buy, Converse, Dell, Etihad Airways, and many more.

In addition to its user-friendly online platform, BitcoinRewards stands out from other cryptocurrency cashback apps by being accessible to users from all over the world. In addition, rewards are available in Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Top 5 Crypto Cashback Rewards Apps You Can Use in 2020

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CoinRebates is a cryptocurrency web platform that allows users to earn bitcoins by shopping at popular retailers like AliExpress,, Groupon, Macy’s, Microsoft and Walmart.

To get a discount, just add your Bitcoin address to the platform’s home page, choose the merchant you want to make the purchase from, and you’re done. Once the purchase is made, your Bitcoin wallet will be credited with the discount percentage available to that merchant for 30 days.

Top 5 Crypto Cashback Rewards Apps You Can Use in 2020


Fold has become one of the most popular bitcoin cashback apps on the market today. Unlike most of their counterparts, Fold users rely on gift cards for their purchases. Therefore, to make a purchase and earn BTC, users must purchase one of the gift cards available in the app (using a crypto or bank card) and use it to make the purchase. Once the purchase is made, a prescribed percentage of the money is returned to the user in the form of bitcoins.

In addition to an extremely user-friendly mobile app, Fold sets itself apart by allowing cryptocurrency users to pay for their Starbucks coffee in bitcoins. The satoshi earned are credited to a bitcoin wallet in an in-app system and can be paid out at any time.

Fold currently offers gift cards for Airbnb, Amazon, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts,, Nike, Nintendo and many more.

Top 5 Crypto Cashback Rewards Apps You Can Use in 2020


Lolly is probably the biggest bitcoin cashback app on the market today. In 2018, the New York-based startup raised $2.25 million from Bain Capital Ventures, Digital Currency Group and Version One, among others. In addition, Lolly has been able to open more than 500 stores since its launch in March 2019.

To win with Lolli, online shoppers must add a browser extension (available for Chrome and Firefox), create a Lolli account, and shop at one of the supported sellers. The browser extension detects the trading platform and rewards you with a percentage discount in bitcoins for about 30 days.

With Lolli, bitcoin users can earn up to 30% commission on sites from sellers like Expedia, GAP, Hilton, Sephora, Postmates and more.

Top 5 Crypto Cashback Rewards Apps You Can Use in 2020


In conclusion: Pay up. The Pei app is one of the newcomers in the crypto-currency market. The Los Angeles-based company launched its mobile app in 2019, which allows customers to earn money in both bitcoins and US dollars.

To get their money back with the Pei app, customers link their debit or credit cards to the app and shop wherever they want. Bonuses from merchants who are part of the Pei-supported merchant network, which includes over 120,000 merchants, are automatically earned in the form of Pei points. Payment points are accepted and stored in the mobile app and can be redeemed in BTC or USD.

Cryptocurrency cashback apps are a great way for frequent shoppers to earn small amounts of bitcoin when shopping online. Especially for new bitcoin users, cashback apps are a great way to earn your first satoshis.

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