Blockchain Ternoa has unveiled the alpha version of its SecretNFT marketplace platform, dedicated entirely to non-disruptive tokens (NFT). The platform, which uses Ternoa’s own CAPS token, has many features that support adoption by artists and NFT enthusiasts.

Ternoa launches its NFT platform, SecretNFT.

Blockchain Ternoa has just unveiled the first version of SecretNFT Marketplace, a new platform dedicated entirely to NFT.

The NFT marketplace allows artists to publish authenticated digital artworks in a single edition. The Ternoa platform includes a number of innovations, the most important of which is SecretNFT, a feature that makes artists’ work even more unique.

This platform is the first full test of the Ternoa blockchain. All NFTs are represented on the SecretNFT marketplace, hosted by Chaos Net, Ternoa’s test network. For example, all works published on the SecretNFT marketplace are certified on the Ternoa blockchain to prevent forgery.

Since the SecretNFT Marketplace ecosystem is powered by CAPS, Ternoa’s own crypto-currency, users will be able to buy NFTs with CAPS once the platform is open to the public.

To roll out this alpha version of the SecretNFT Marketplace, Ternoa worked with 12 different artists who forged a total of 26 NFTs on the platform. The SecretNFT marketplace is currently in the experimental phase, and many of the planned features have not yet been added.

In total, the Ternoa team is working with 30 artists to expand the SecretNFT catalog. New works are added to the platform every 2 or 3 weeks. In the near future, however, SecretNFT will be completely open to the public, and any user will be able to forge their own NFTs.

Multiple setting options

The SecretNFT marketplace allows NFT creators to customize their digital work through a variety of features: Shooters, mystery and vagueness. Of course these features are optional, but they allow artists to customize their work…..

Protective function

With Protect, each NFT can be watermarked to protect its uniqueness. In this regard, only the owner of the NMT has access to the work in its entirety, without the watermark. This feature adds a new dimension to the SecretNFT marketplace that owners of unique unlockable tokens love.

This function can be used in several ways. On the one hand, it publicly demonstrates that the NMT is truly unique and establishes who owns it. For the near future, many museums are planning exhibitions dedicated exclusively to the NFT. They would be able to present the NFEs to the visitors without a watermark, which would add some value to the exhibition, as the full digital work would only be visible during the exhibition.

Some of the first NFTs on the market SecretNFT, in watermark

The Ternoa Blockchain (CAPS) Unveils SecretNFT, Its NFT Platform – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Secret function

By adding the Secret option to NFT, an artist can hide most or all of their work from the public. Only the owner of the NFT will be able to see what is under the proverbial hood of his work.


Last but not least, there is the blur platform feature. Not surprisingly, the creator of the NFT can make them disappear from view. As with the other options, only the owner of the NMT can see the work in its entirety.

Interactive with Ternoa mobile wallet

To encourage mass adoption of SecretNFT, Ternoa plans to develop interactions between the platform and the mobile application. Very few, if any, NFT platforms have their own smartphone app today, although this is an important adoption vector that could introduce many people to the exciting world of unencrypted tokens.

In a few weeks, the Ternoa ecosystem will launch its own mobile application that will serve as a hub for all Ternoa products, including the SecretNFT marketplace. This application will also have a wallet dedicated to CAPS, Ternoa’s native token.

In this regard, CAPS token holders can communicate directly with numerous Ternoa applications through the application. In addition, once the final version of the portfolio is rolled out, a trainee feature will be implemented that will allow holders of CAPS tokens to earn passive income on the funds they hold.

The app also features the ability to send and receive CAPS tokens, as Mikkael Kanu, CEO of Ternoa, explains:

In summary, Ternoa’s SecretNFT market offers many opportunities compared to existing NFT markets. SecretNFT allows artists to not only protect their work from being purchased, but also to make the content of their NFT exclusive to future owners. This could be a great leap forward for the entire space.

SecretNFT’s innovations open the door to mass use of NFT, whether it’s for content creators, their fans, or even companies and collectors who want to participate in this new world that’s still in its infancy.

Ternoa’s project has an increasing presence on social media: +11,500 followers on Twitter, +10,000 followers spread across his English and French channels, and 5,000 followers in English and French on Instagram.

This article is based on a translation of the French article originally published here.

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