The cryptocurrency market is a wild place, with prices constantly changing by the minute. Rising or falling on a whim, many investors are left confused and wondering what to do about their investments after such drastic price swings.

The “solana price prediction $1,000” is a cryptocurrency that has surged to a 7-day high. The coin was trading over 40% below its all-time high on Wednesday.

Today’s trading session has seen a price retracement for Solana’s cryptocurrency after it soared to a week high of $157 yesterday.

SOL’s price fell to $130.80 on Monday, the lowest level since late September, as the whole cryptocurrency market responded to negative news from the Federal Reserve. SOL/USD didn’t reach the $145 threshold until Wednesday at noon, when it briefly did, before retreating.

Late on Wednesday, the pair made a strong comeback, reaching a high of $157.50 yesterday. Since then, it has retreated and lost 6.82 percent of its value in the last day, ranking last among the top five cryptocurrencies.

The Solana ecosystem has experienced additional interesting news in addition to this price shift, as seen below.

The future of Solana is promising according to Bank of America

For a significant financial firm in the US, Bank of America (BofA) made a quite audacious forecast regarding Solana. The Solana blockchain, according to the bank, might develop into “the Visa of the digital asset ecosystem.” In this perspective, BofA’s forecast compares Solana to the service that processes credit cards for more than 40 million retailers worldwide.

Alkesh Shah, the company’s global cryptocurrency and digital asset analyst, cited the many (almost 400) dApps on the blockchain as the basis for the projection in a research report dated Tuesday. He clarified that several capabilities, such as NFTs and markets, are supported by these digital apps and programs.

Theoretically capable of 24,000 transactions per second, Visa’s credit card network only averages 1,700 TPS. When compared to the needs of a multi-chain environment, Ethereum averages a pitiful 15 TPS, a very low number.

Solana predicts a potential cap of 65,000 TPS, which is much higher than both Visa and Ethereum.

According to Shah’s statement, Solana has had a number of network performance challenges since it was founded, which leaves room for other ecosystems. The expert also cited Avalanche and the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 as potential rivals.

Solana is in a position to take market share away from Ethereum.

Major institutional players have forecast that the ecosystem would continue to oust giant Ethereum from the market. Solana is steadily expanding. The forecasts from JP Morgan follow a similar pattern. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, a financial expert, has said that he anticipates Ethereum will lose more market share to rivals this year.

Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer, supports Solana

Mike Tyson, a legendary boxer, has bet “all in” on Solana. After asking his Twitter followers which they preferred between Solana and Ethereum in September, the World Boxing Hall of Famer seemed to have made a choice.

“Iron Mike” added a Catalina Whale NFT, a collectable on the Solana blockchain, to announce his decision to the community. Then he promoted the $DREAM ERC-20 token, which he said could “revolutionize” the industry and help with issues related to mental health.

In August of last year, the former athlete and the designers 1ofOne launched an NFT line. The set includes NFTs with unlocked material that showcased memorable events from Tyson’s illustrious career.

Solana suffers from network congestion, which lowers performance.

Last week, the Solana community had a bad experience, and the network at last admitted that throughput problems were caused by performance concerns. Late last week, the developers behind the smart contract platform indicated through Twitter that the decreased speed was due to an increase in high computation transactions.

The increase reduced network capacity by “several thousand” TPS, according to the team. It went on to say that network-wide developers were working to find solutions to those issues and improve the ecosystem’s resilience.

This is not the first time that Solana has had issues with the functioning of the network. The network experienced “resource depletion” in the middle of September, which resulted in a denial of service. Additionally, the network had a five-hour outage on December 4 and experienced congestion on December 13.

More recently, Solana had a problem on Tuesday of last week, and a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assault was thought to be to blame for the network’s breakdown. Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder of the network, subsequently stated that there was a congestion problem.

Performance of the Solana market (SOL)

The SOL cryptocurrency, owned by Solana, is stabilizing above the $140 support level after failing to gain enough impetus to cut beyond $158.

Solana (SOL) corrects after surging to a 7-day high, now trading over 40% below its all-time high

7-day trading chart for SOL/USD

The previous 24 hours have seen an increase in trading volume of over 14%, but SOL still faces significant barrier before breaking out. Bulls are battling for supremacy, but bears have a chance to win if the next rally experiences selling pressure on the token.

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The “solana coin price prediction 2025” is a cryptocurrency that has seen its value rise and fall over time. As of the date of this blog, the coin is trading at a 7-day high and is now trading over 40% below its all-time high.

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