MOBOX (MBOX) Surges Over 166% In a Week. This is not a typo, MOBOX is up 166% this week. There is no way to overreact to such a fantastic price increase, so we do not. MOBOX (MBOX) is an anonymous cryptocurrency and it is a very new cryptocurrency. We still have not been able to discover much more information about it, except for that it has been trading as high as $0.00188 on Cryptopia, a small investment site that specializes in a lot of the newer, smaller cryptocurrencies.

MOBOX (MBOX) Surges Over 166% In a Week MOBOX (MBOX) Surges Over 166% In a Week – MOBOX (MBOX) Surges Over 166% In a Week

MOBOX, a cryptocurrency that is known as a “Pump-and-Dump” coin due to its quick rise, has surged over 166% in trading over the past week. The coin has been traded over the past two weeks in a frenzy, with no sign of slowing down. The coin surged from $0.10 and $0.40 at the beginning of this week, to trade at $0.50, and then went on to surge over 166% in the last day alone.

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  • MOBOX (MBOX) has increased by almost 166 percent in the last week.
  • GameFi is created when the MOBOX protocol mixes DeFi and Gaming NFTs.
  • MOBOX (MBOX) is now available on Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange.

In the crypto market, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies with a total worth of over $2 trillion. Throughout the day, the price of each and every cryptocurrency will fluctuate. The crypto market seems to be optimistic in August, with several cryptocurrencies seeing price increases. MOBOX’s (MBOX) price has risen by almost 166 percent in the last week.

MOBOX (MBOX) is also a community-based platform that empowers users by rewarding them for their participation and pleasure. The MOBOX protocol creates GameFi by combining the highest yield farming DeFi with gaming NFTs.

The native utility token of MOBOX is MBOX. The token is used to make in-game purchases such as obtaining more characters, lottery wheels, and in-game activity rewards.

MBOX’s current market situation

At the time of writing, the market price of MOBOX (MBOX) on CoinMarketCap was $4.37. For the last 24 hours, the trading volume has been $567,844,588, and MBOX has increased by 166.45 percent in a week.

For the past 7 days, the chart illustrates the rising price over a MOBOX (MBOX). MBOX has increased by over 166 percent, and they’re on track to hit new heights. MBOX has a circulating supply of 37,105,468.36 MBOX.

MOBOX is now available on Binance (MBOX)

MOBOX has been added to Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange (MBOX). Binance has started trading MBOX/BTC, MBOX/BNB, MBOX/BUSD, and MBOX/USDT today. MOBOX’s price will rise as a result of its latest listing. 

Furthermore, we may anticipate a more positive trend in the following days as the gaming platform develops and upgrades.

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MOBOX (MBOX) Surges Over 166% In a Week. Read more about mobox price and let us know what you think.

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