In the world of cryptocurrencies, mining is a way for anyone with a computer and cheap electricity to make money. Mining is essentially pulling bitcoins out of the virtual world and into your own pocket. (For a more detailed description, see the post, What is Bitcoin Mining?) Now, you may be asking yourself, “How can I get in on this virtual money-making business?” Luckily, it’s a lot easier than you may think…

As the cryptocurrency market surges, many of the most popular digital currencies are surging as well. One of the biggest names in the field is AMD, the graphics processing unit producer, which has been seen as a gamble for the past couple of years, but is now growing in popularity. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to buy AMD stock, step by step.

Would you be willing to buy AMD stock to gain indirect exposure to the mining market for digital currency? Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to buy shares of a major graphics card manufacturer.


According to the AMD website,

Technology is changing the world, but not by itself. When computer power meets brain power, the future comes alive.

AMD is at the forefront of our changing world. The two companies, which compete directly with Intel, have been battling for dominance of the computer processor market for decades.  The 30th. In April 2021, AMD had a market capitalization of $99.3 billion and a share price of $81.62. Intel had a market capitalization of $232.3 billion and a share price of $57.53.

The mining market for digital currencies is a sector that is still in a growth phase. Companies are investing millions of dollars in bitcoin mining. Graphics cards are an important part of the mining process, and AMD is a leader in graphics card manufacturing.

Buying AMD stock is a way to expand your portfolio with the opportunity to participate in this mining sector for digital currency.

For more companies related to the cryptocurrency mining industry, check out our guide to bitcoin mining stocks.

How to buy AMD stock on ETrade in 3 easy steps

If you already have an account with Etrade, please log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to register and choose the type of account that best suits your needs.

first step

Select Stocks from the Trading menu and enter AMD in the icon field. Alternatively, you can type AMD in the search field at the top right of the screen and select AMD.

How to Buy AMD Stock, Step by Step (with Screenshots)

Second step.

  • In this example we choose Buy from the Action menu.
  • Enter the desired amount.
  • Choose whether to buy at the market price or enter an order at a different price.
  • Select the length of the task.
  • If you do not understand the difference between the options in any of the menus, click on the question mark in that menu to get more useful information.
  • Click on Job Preview.

Step 3

This is the confirmation screen. You can view your order before completing it. If everything is in order, click on Place Order and your order will be started. If it is a market order, it should be executed almost immediately (during market hours).  If the order has a price you specify, it will be executed when the market reaches that price.

How to Buy AMD Stock, Step by Step (with Screenshots)

If your order is incorrect, click Edit Order and correct the errors. If you have completely changed your mind, click on Cancel Order.

Is it that simple?


If you want to buy another stock on ETrade, follow the same steps and replace your favorite stock with AMD.  If you want to sell the stock, change the buy action to sell.

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