Earth is full of natural resources, but right now, they are not enough to feed everyone around the world. Since we don’t have enough arable land, we have to farm with a large number of small plots of land that are usually not separated by high walls and fences. Therefore, we are very vulnerable to a polluting and invasive force like pollution.

For the last few years, the price of ether has soared as the popularity of the platform has grown. The demand for ether has increased as smart contracts have become increasingly prevalent across the web. This has led to an influx of new investors into the cryptocurrency market, driving prices higher to attract them to this space.  We’ve noticed that most of these new buyers are usually new to cryptocurrencies, and they don’t have the time or resources to research the projects that they invest in. So, we will be writing articles about the potential returns that investors can see if they are willing to take some extra time to research these investments.  These will be articles that are written in a way that is entertaining and easy for everyone to read. ~~

Decentralized funding has opened the door to many new opportunities that everyone can take advantage of with an ease that didn’t exist before. Not only has it been able to make the world of banking and finance more accessible, but it has also been able to generate revenues and profits that the average person would never have thought possible. One of them is farming, and today we’re going to look at the farm with the highest annual yield on Ethereum and see what it has to offer.

What is agriculture, you ask? Simply put, you enter into a contract to store and transfer your cryptocurrencies to other users in exchange for commissions and interest. This way, you consistently make a profit by letting your crypto assets do all the work for you. It seems simple enough. And yet, while most of the highest accounts and savings rates in the U.S. barely reach 0.5 percent, the companies with the highest annual returns on Ethereum can earn millions of percent in returns.

Performance risk

Of course, before we start showing you all the benefits behind the highest annual yield farms on Ethereum, we need to explain this seemingly magical phenomenon in more detail. Yield-oriented agriculture is not a one-size-fits-all affair, as some might think. Peasants on profitability is broad and can include pooling tokens into decentralized money exchange pools, providing collateral through borrowing and lending platforms, auctioning rewards, etc.

The idea is still the same at its core: secure your chips so other users can access them for money, and you’ll be rewarded with commissions or bets. And before we go any further, we should mention the risks. The higher the reward, the higher the risk. In the case of DeFi, there is no doubt that the usual check to see if it is a scam or a hack should be done in all circumstances and with every protocol associated with DeFi. But that’s not all.

In profitable agriculture, the greatest concern is the market itself – which no one can control – in the form of temporary losses. In this case, the market prices of the chips you have invested in have changed, which may result in you receiving a lower dollar value when you cash out than when you deposited, as the underlying algorithms are reconfigured. However, these losses are easily compensated once high yields start to be achieved on these farms.

Farms with the best returns on Ethereum

Ethereum has become the poster child for DeFi – or decentralized finance – where more than $60 billion in total liquidity (at the time of writing) is locked into multiple services and platforms created and running on the blockchain. With so much money flowing into Ethereum, there is certainly no shortage of pools from which you will want to generate revenue. Since its introduction, yield optimizers and specialized farm aggregators have emerged.

These protocols – which we discuss in detail here – are designed to find the best farms on Ethereum-based DeFi. In addition, they have developed special tools, such as. B. an automatic compensation function to maximize your profits. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities for profitable farms, and here’s a short list of the best highly profitable farms on Ethereum….

1. Alpha Gomora

Highest APY Yield Farms on Ethereum in 2021

Before we move on to the more well-known DeFi protocols on this list, perhaps we should look at a lesser-known option. But Alpha Homora is no small fish: It has more than $1.3 billion in total liquidity on its platform. They aptly describe themselves as the first leveraged growing service that allows all participants, including you, the growers, to increase the risk of your investment and therefore the potential reward.

With over 42 different pools to choose from and countless chip pairs, you won’t be able to say you don’t have a choice. And that’s just the V1 protocol, as the updated and optimized Alpha Homora V2 has 17 additional pools, with bonuses for early adopters. In the end, whichever version you prefer, Alpha Homoro and its farms are a great way to start your overview of Ethereum’s highest annual yielding farms.

  • ETH-CRV (SushiSwap) – 156.83% APR (34.92% return, 120.16% transaction fees, 8.37% alpha fees)
  • ETH-USDC (SushiSwap) – 97.74% APR (27.34% return, 66.90% transaction fees, 16.69% alpha fees)
  • ETH-DAI (SushiSwap) – 88.89% APR (47.42% return, 38.03% transaction fees, 16.69% alpha fees)
  • ETH-USDT (SushiSwap) – 70.82% APR (31.63% return, 35.75% transaction fees, 16.69% alpha fees)
  • ETH-MTA (mStable) – 68.69% APR (58.75% return, 9.94% transaction costs)
  • ETH-SUSD (SushiSwap) – 67.06% APR (47.42% return, 16.24% transaction fees, 16.66% alpha fees)

2. Crop financing

Highest APY Yield Farms on Ethereum in 2021

Harvest Finance is another large harvest optimizer that operates 24/7 on the Ethereum network, with over $280 million in total liquidity. As evidence of the impact that automation by specialized tools like Harvest has had on investment, users have collectively saved more than $50 million in gas costs that would otherwise have been spent preparing and reinvesting individual revenues and other manual operations.

With Harvest Finance, it’s a huge field of over 100 different farms, not to mention that it’s another multi-chain protocol that has collected the best pools throughout Ethereum and the Binance smartchain in general. Only on Ethereum can you categorize these farms, such as those that focus on NFT or Stablecoin, and separate them based on the DeFi protocol these farms are based on, such as SushiSwap or Curve.

  • ROPE20-ETH (NFT) – 1.248% APR (0.44% APR of the original LP, 1.247.56% with automatic pivot and upside).
  • DUDES20-ETH (NFT) – 768.87% APY (0.78% APY of the original LP, 768.09% with auto-dialing and promotion)
  • MEMES20-ETH (NFT) – 744.75% APY (1.01% APY of original LP, 743.74% with auto-dialing and promotion)
  • GPUNKS20-ETH (NFT) – 641.96% APY (0.93% APY of the original LP, 641.03% with auto dialing and boost)
  • MCAT20-ETH (NFT) – 471.30% APY (0.41% APY initial LP, 470.89% automatically compounded and raised)
  • LFBTC-LIFT – 161.36% APY
  • WBTC-LFBTC – 123.29% APY
  • WBTC-ETH (Uniswap V3) – 83.11% APR

3. Curve Finance

Highest APY Yield Farms on Ethereum in 2021

Curve Finance is among DeFi’s largest protocols, ranking in the top five in terms of total liquidity and more than $7.3 billion in escrow. If the homepage and user interface seem a little intimidating, like you have to navigate in DOS, there’s a lot going on at the decentralized exchange. You can exchange and redeem dozens of different chips. Moreover, there are liquidity pools where all this liquidity comes from.

Each of them allows users to pool their token pairs and receive huge rewards in return. If that’s not enough, your investment can be greatly enhanced by holding and betting on Curve’s native CRV chips. They can be used in different ways: For example, if you invest $1 in a VRC, that becomes $20.51 over 4 years, or you use it to earn additional premiums on top of the farm income you already earn from the farms you find on Curve.

  • bbtc (BBTC-sbtcCrv) – 28.36%-70.90% APR (Basis: 8.01% APR)
  • frax (FRAX-3Crv) – 21.47%-53.68% APR (Base: 0.96% APR)
  • (EUR-sEUR) – 19.62%-49.06% APR (basis: 0.51% APR)
  • musd (mUSD-3Crv) – 16.01%-40.03% APR (base: 1.2% APR)
  • reth (ETH-rETH) – 15.26%-38.16% APR (base: 2.94% APR)
  • loopd (LUSD-3Crv) – 13.77%-34.44% APR (base: 0.85% APR)
  • usdn (USDN-3Crv) – 12.40%-31.00% eur (Basis: 2.74% eur)
  • busdv2 (BUSD-3Crv) – 12.29%-30.73% per year (base: 3.2% per year)

4. Uniswap

Highest APY Yield Farms on Ethereum in 2021

Uniswap has long been a decentralized exchange for everything DeFi on Ethereum, as evidenced by over $6.2 billion in total liquidity. According to users, there is not much to say about Uniswap as it is a fairly simple and unpretentious platform. This is the only aspect of the exchange issue worth discussing. But it is this simplicity that has made it so popular, and with such liquidity you are sure to find the most competitive swap rates.

This has also made it one of the most popular destinations for potential liquidity providers looking for liquidity pools where they can pool their cryptocurrencies and reap big profits. Uniswap is therefore an excellent option when it comes to finding and growing the best plants. Here are some examples from our guide to the highest annual return farms on Ethereum.

  • EPAY-ETH – 3,113% APY
  • eMAX-ETH – 297% APR
  • KISHU-ETH – 262% APK
  • SHIB-ETH – 175% AP
  • HEXA AND – 172% API
  • WU-ETH – 162% API
  • ETH-AMP – 137% APY

5. SushiSwap

Highest APY Yield Farms on Ethereum in 2021

SushiSwap was originally created as a fork of Uniswap, whose functionality it adopted. It can therefore handle token trading and cash pooling in the background. However, they grew quickly and today SushiSwap is a very complete and diverse protocol where everything you need from DeFi is available. There’s DEX, so to speak, not to mention exclusive yield farms, stakes, borrow and lend, etc.

So while the returns of some of them may not be as attractive as their peers, the opportunities to diversify your investments are much greater, allowing you to move your cryptocurrencies from one instrument or pair of tokens to another depending on their returns. The possibilities are endless, which is why SushiSwap is another good place to look if you’re in the mood to farm, and a great way to wrap up our review of the farms with the highest annual returns on Ethereum.

  • ETH-SUPER – 473.95% APY
  • BAC-WETH – 487.69% APY (40.65% monthly, or 1.35% daily)
  • RULER-WETH – 151.97% APY (12.66% monthly, or 0.42% daily)
  • ICHI-WETH – 142.91% APY (11.91% monthly, or 0.40% daily)
  • OHM-DAI – 141.31% APY (11.78% per month, or 0.39% per day)
  • BASK-VET – 140.60% APR (11.72% per month, or 0.39% per day)
  • WETH-ALCX (Yield Farm) – 281% APY
  • SDT-WETH (Yield Farm) – 136% annual interest rate


This is the end of our overview of the farms with the highest annual returns on Ethereum, and the farms you might want to pay extra attention to. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the incredible DeFi protocols on Ethereum, and each is a great investment opportunity if you need to put your cryptocurrency to work. Once you’ve done that, sit back, relax and watch your retirement fund grow to unimaginable heights.

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