The price of Ethereum (ETH) has surged by more than 1,000 percent over the past year, making it the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, there are still opportunities to buy ETH at a discount and thereby profit from its appreciation. This is an especially appealing prospect to those who realize that ETH is both the fuel that powers the Ethereum network and an alternative investment asset. The fact that ETH is both a digital currency and an investment asset (i.e. a security) means that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is taking a closer look at the space. In an effort to ensure that investors are properly protected, the SEC may come up with additional regulation that affects ETH and

As stated in the article, the current price of Ethereum (ETH) is $169.76, a decrease of 1.34% from its previous price. Over the past 24 hours, its price is currently trending upwards at a rate of 1.11%. The current market cap for Ethereum is $18,450,438,835. Its price is down by $16.92, leaving a total market cap of $1,400,621,836.

Ethereum price is still under pressure against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH/USD is currently below the $466 level and it remains at a risk of more declines below $465. There is a crucial bearish trend line formed with resistance at $470 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. This article aims to help the reader understand the basics of what a blog post is, how to outline a blog post, and how to write a blog post. If you are new to blogging, I recommend reading this article to understand the basics of blogging before reading other articles in this series. The terms “blog post” and “blog entry” are used interchangeably in this article. What Is a Blog Post? [ edit. Read more about ethereum price prediction and let us know what you think. Summary of the situation

  • The ETH price forecast highlights the formation of a descending hammer pattern in Ethereum.
  • The falling hammer suggests that Ethereum is about to experience a significant rise.
  • The $3,100 support line established by crypto stocks is proving to be a crucial element in the bullish narrative.
  • The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator is bullish, but gives a bearish picture.

Like most crypto-currencies on the market, Ethereum saw a significant price drop over the weekend. The crypto asset has fallen from a high of $4,000 to the current support line at $3,100.

Price forecastETH: Price Overview

Ethereum price movement in the market has been slow over the past 48 hours after the bulls went on the defensive. Investors currently seem focused on preventing the cryptocurrency from falling further below $3,000 in a bloodless market. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading around $3,520 amid a gradual uptrend. On Monday, the price of the leading cryptocurrency fell 8%, after falling 1.7% on Sunday. Ethereum was trading around $3,280 at the end of yesterday’s trading session. After Ethereum managed to break through the $3,500 short-term growth barrier, the crypto asset is likely to pass the $4,000 mark in the near future. Despite the bullish outlook, Ethereum’s 100% simple moving average on the 4-hour chart seems to paint a bearish picture.

ETH price movement in the last 24 hours

Source: TradingView Based on Ethereum’s 24-hour price movement, the crypto-currency seems to have had a mixed start to the day as it posted an intraday high of $3,518. Despite the impressive bullish move this morning, Ethereum failed to break through the first serious resistance level at $3,860. Despite the decline, Ethereum managed to avoid a downtrend by trading sideways and posting lower highs. After Monday’s trading session, Ethereum faced a selling barrage that pushed it lower and broke through the 23.6 Fibonacci retracement level and the first significant support at $3,369 and $3,327 respectively. Fortunately, the cryptocurrency has surpassed these price levels this morning.

4-hour chart ETH

Source: TradingView ETH Price Prediction $4,000 | The 4-hour chart of Ethereum provides information on the formation of the hammer. As in most cases, the formation of a falling hammer signals the start of a bullish movement, even if it is formed in the context of a bearish price movement. The two descending trendlines form a hammer connecting several lower highs with lower lows. Typically, a price spike occurs before the trend lines converge. Investors should be careful to wait for the price to rise above the upper trend line. This would mark the beginning of a breakout and stop the downward momentum. Moreover, Ethereum’s price rise is supported by a recent increase in trading volume. At the time of writing, the least stable route, based on Relative Strength Index (RSI) information, is up. If Ethereum’s RSI reaches the 50 level before today’s close, it will reinforce the current bullish outlook. Now that Ethereum has crossed the $3,500 mark, the bulls seem to be coming back into the market, which will likely push it towards the $4,000 mark.


While the leading indicators show that Ethereum is on the verge of an uptrend, it is worth noting that the moving average convergence-divergence indicator speaks a different language. Currently, the blue MACD line is well below the signal line, indicating that the game is still bearish. Denial. The information provided does not constitute commercial advice. .com accepts no responsibility for investments made on the basis of information provided on this site. We strongly recommend that you conduct independent research and/or consult a qualified expert before making any investment decision.The NDA for ETH’s scaling solution Constantinople was just lifted, this means we should be seeing a price rally. Constantinople is a big deal because it will enable Ethereum to scale, solve a host of scalability and security issues, and improve Ethereum’s functionality. Constantinople will also lower fees and gas costs for users. When it goes live, Constantinople will mark ETH’s biggest upgrade yet. Constantinople includes five separate Ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs), which altogether deliver on the promise of the Ethereum Foundation’s original roadmap.. Read more about ethereum price prediction today and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will ethereum be worth in 2030?

Millennials have made the cryptocurrency craze look like a passing phase. Could they be the ones to realize the last of its potential? As a cryptocurrency, ethereum has a lot of potential. If the cryptocurrency craze has two branches—one that involves speculation, and another that focuses on ethereum’s practical applications—the former category is starting to fade away. In fact, bitcoin’s price has fallen by almost a third in just the last month. Meanwhile, ethereum’s price has been on a steady rise, with some analysts predicting a future price of $2,000 by the end of the year. Cryptocurrency has seen a lot of growth over the past few years. In 2017 alone, the total value of all cryptocurrencies more than doubled. As of this writing, the total market cap is just shy of $300 billion. To many, this growth is surprising. Cryptocurrency is an oddity; the ecosystem runs on an open-source network with no central authority. Investors help the network run by “mining” coins, which they receive in exchange for their services. The network also rewards users for using cryptocurrency, by allowing them to send money to each other at no cost. Properly managing your cryptocurrency portfolio can be a challenge. It’s easy to make costly mistakes. For example, new investors may choose to purchase the

Will ethereum reach 1000 again?

The price of the cryptocurrency ethereum has risen by more than 325% in the past 24 hours alone, leaving its market cap less than $80 million away from the $1 billion mark. After falling from over $1,400 to $150 in just a few months, ethereum’s current rally has pushed its price up by more than 1,000% since August, when it traded at just $100. The sharp rise in the price of the world’s second-largest blockchain by market capitalization has raised questions over whether or not this recent bull run is a bubble. Many investors are wondering if the Ethereum price will ever reach $1000 again or if it will continue to fall. The Ethereum price has already increased by 543.02% over the past 6 months, and the currency is likely to continue to grow in value over the next year.

Will chainlink reach $100?

I’ve been watching the price of chainlink since it was released in January 2017. There have been a lot of ups and downs in that time, however, I believe that the price is currently at a really good time to start buying. Why am I so certain? To answer that question, I need to explain the history behind chainlink. The chainlink team has a very impressive resume, including several members who have worked at bitpay, and the founders of the ethereum network. In addition, the team has already created a similar project called the open payment network, which has been running for several years now. One of the major problems with chainlink is currently the lack of functionality, in comparison with other smart contract platforms. It is hard to predict how much chainlink will be worth in the future. Many people are skeptical about chainlink, but with good reason. After all, chainlink has a lot of hurdles to overcome before it can and should be considered a mainstream cryptocurrency. However, the same was once true of Bitcoin. Bitcoin started off as a niche currency, but now it is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Chainlink could follow a similar path.

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