Changelly, the leading instant cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered with DeFIRE, the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain development company, to create the world’s first “FIRE Token”. The *FIRE token, a BCH blockchain token, will be the first of its kind to be issued on a new blockchain as a result of a fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Changelly is a unique kind of crypto exchange, that allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies within seconds. They have built up a reputation over the years and is now powering DeFIRE, a platform that allows you to make charge free cryptocurrency transactions. DeFIRE has now secured an undisclosed sum of funding from an IDO (Initial DeFIRE Offering) that is based on the Cardano blockchain.

Zug, Switzerland, 13. May 2021,

deFIRE, a decentralized intelligent order routing system built around Sardano, has raised $5 million in a pre-IDO funding round. This round comes just before the launch of the deFIRE token via a primary DEX offering on the OccamRazer platform.

The successful completion of this latest round of funding is an important milestone for deFIRE in its journey to become a DeFi Cardano pioneer. deFIRE plans to use the proceeds from the fundraising to develop its infrastructure, expand its workforce and expand its business by increasing the capacity of the platform.

TheFIRE’s vision has received the support of many prominent angels, as well as new investors from all corners of the blockchain sphere.

The injection of new capital was led by industry heavyweights including Morningstar, Cryptodromfund, SwissBorg Ventures, Lotus Capital, MoonWahle, Hype Partners, Axia8 Ventures, Newtribe Capital, GenBlock, Sheesha Finance, IBA, Exnetwork, Nodeseeds and CoinsGroup.

Mark Berger, president of the Occam Association, said: DeFi is developing at an accelerated pace. Cardano will become a major destination for massive cash flows on the chain once smart contracts are released. To provide the smoothest possible order flow, in line with the Cardano DeFi ecosystem, it is essential to ensure optimal and uninterrupted order processing. We are taking on this challenge by bringing together a team of technical experts with a proven track record in the Cardano ecosystem and a broad business network, along with other Changelly resources, to create the first optimal runtime infrastructure for Cardano. Led by the best team and backed by its own CWAP token, theFIRE is years ahead of the competition.

Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly, noted:

We are pleased to announce a successful private funding round led by some of the largest and most active investors in the growing DeFi space. deFire leverages DLT and modern market architectures to revolutionize the high-performance trading landscape and significantly and seamlessly improve order execution for institutions and individuals. I am convinced that together we will bring a lot of value and liquidity to the Cardano ecosystem.

deFIRE is a DeFi project incubated by and built on Changelly’s extensive network and domain expertise. The platform was established to usher in a new paradigm where network participants can efficiently and securely access optimal execution services on decentralized exchanges (DEX). The offering includes token exchange services, DEX order routing services and intermediation services between order flow originators and final execution venues.

From a market infrastructure perspective, theFIRE occupies an intermediary position in the order execution value chain and is essentially an intermediary that creates value between those who seek execution and those who provide the means for that execution.

Pre-IDO funding allows deFIRE to leverage token liquidity early in the lifecycle, gain early community support, and gain pricing insights.

With fresh capital, deFIRE plans to expand the scope of the collaboration between and Changelly. This will be the first fiat Cardano token exchange platform, allowing any token holder to directly exchange one Cardano token for another.

Changelly is working with the team and ecosystem to create a more efficient DeFi layer and catalyze intra-chain secondary market liquidity for Cardano.

Once the IDO is complete, the project will move to decentralize the management of its DeFi ecosystem by introducing a deFIRE DAO where the community of token holders will be able to propose and vote on changes to system parameters. More information will be provided onceFIRE’s products are available online. offers the first IDO fundraising opportunity for high-quality projects that want to build the Cardano ecosystem. A decentralized fundraising platform called OccamRazer allows new blockchain projects to raise money and gives investors early access to coins or tokens.

About deFIRE:
deFIRE is now doing what few of its competitors in the space can do – a low-latency decentralized order router, and offering its capabilities to a growing network of institutional order creators and Cardano ecosystem-oriented retail merchants. In terms of execution, we use the deepest pools of liquidity within the chain and also create our own liquidity.

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The ecosystem is managed and supported by the Occam Association, a Swiss organization operating in the canton of Zug and specializing in cryptocurrencies. When the ecosystem grows sufficiently, will be managed and governed by a carefully designed decentralized and autonomous organization. is the first decentralized platform for startups developed for the Cardano ecosystem. It was created with the expertise and care of a team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs and professionals. For more information, visit