Bitcoin continues to be a divisive topic for central bankers in countries like El Salvador, where the government is warning people about Bitcoin’s supposed dangers. This summer has seen an increase in local interest and investment from Bitcoin enthusiasts who are purchasing beachfront land with their digital currency holdings.

The “how much bitcoin does el salvador have” is a question that has been asked many times. The Central Bank of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach is an important landmark for the cryptocurrency.

El Salvador’s orange pilling experience continues. 44 central bankers and financial representatives from developing nations across the globe exclaim “Bitcoin!” while posing for a selfie in El Zonte, El Salvador, in a video that defies belief:

The Central Bankers all yelled….

May 20, 2022 — Bitcoin Beach (@Bitcoinbeach)

The central bankers seem to be warming to Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention by day three of El Salvador’s financial inclusion conference, with a trip to Bitcoin (BTC) Beach. 

El Zonte, sometimes known as “Bitcoin Beach,” is the birthplace of Bitcoin in El Salvador and a popular tourist attraction for Bitcoin fans. It sparked a campaign that culminated in El Salvador declaring Bitcoin legal money in 2021. On Thursday, May 19, bankers visited El Zonte to learn from the Bitcoin Beach team, according to Nicolas Burtey, co-founder of Galoy Money, the business that produced the Bitcoin Beach wallet.

Burtey told Cointelegraph that Bitcoin’s popularity was “extremely high,” and that “nothing compares to the experience of utilizing lightning to discover Bitcoin’s potential.” Burtey said the following in reference to Bitcoin acceptance throughout the world: 

“Several central bankers suggested that I meet with their staff in their nation.” 

Central bankers from Paraguay, Ghana, and Egypt flocked to the village to spend satoshis and mingle with the residents, including a few small celebrities. To purchase pupusas, a Salvadoran flatbread delicacy, the bankers visited with Mama Rosa, one of the first vendors to accept Bitcoin in El Zonte in 2019.

Mama Rosa and her son, @HopeHousesv founder @jorgebitcoinES, are enabling central bankers purchase the greatest pupusas in #ElSalvador using #Bitcoin

May 19, 2022 — Bitcoin Beach (@Bitcoinbeach)

“A central banker bought a coconut from an unbanked local at Bitcoin Beach, El Zonte using Bitcoin,” one Bitcoiner said. Nayib Bukele, the president, also published a series of photographs of bankers with their iPhones out, displaying El Chivo wallets (El Salvador’s BTC payment system) and lightning invoices.

Central bankers bellow Bitcoin on El Salvador’s Bitcoin BeachInaction on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Twitter (source)

It’s worth noting that the bankers’ conference will focus on financial inclusion and strengthening small and medium-sized company funding. The event’s official publication and pre-conference tweets both mentioned Bitcoin. However, one event partner, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, did not include Bitcoin in its schedule.

A Bitcoin contactless payment story: The Lightning Network Lunch

Conversations on Bitcoin were unexpected in the world’s first country to declare BTC legal currency, according to the Central Bank of Paraguay, whose envoy was there. On May 16, the Paraguayan central bank issued an official statement stating:

“The meeting’s topic has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or anything like. In this context or meeting, the Central Bank of Paraguay will not address cryptocurrencies.”

Despite this, Bitcoin was obviously front and center in the candid photos posted on social media, from El Chivo branding to Bitcoin Beach t-shirts, Lightning wallet demos, and even chants of “Bitcoin!”

The “el salvador bitcoin city” is a place in El Salvador where people can go and buy Bitcoin. The Central Bankers of El Salvador have been bellowing Bitcoin on this beach for quite some time now.

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