According to Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, the financial and economic stories surrounding bitcoin (BTC) are just a tip of the iceberg of what makes these digital assets so unique.

In an exclusive interview with Austin Davis for Cointelegraph, Saylor calls bitcoin a masterpiece of monetary engineering that will likely go down in history as the world’s first money network.

Once you understand that money is monetary energy, and you understand that bitcoin is a monetary energy network, you begin to realize that it does not or cannot satisfy the laws of thermodynamics. If he doesn’t, he has a leak.

That leak, according to Saylor, is inflation, something bitcoin has been mathematically resistant to.

Saylor was born in front of his now famous 17th century Spanish galleon. Elaborately made century. Saylor describes the model as a work of art that gives him extra motivation. The fact that such ships carry gold across the ocean in a few days was certainly not lost on him.

Bitcoin has grown to $850 billion in assets after its recent price spike, but Saylor says that’s just the beginning of its impact on the market. He explains why bitcoin will eventually incorporate gold into its $10 trillion assets before it reaches $20, $30, $50 and even $100 trillion. At that point, bitcoin will become the centerpiece of the monetary planet.

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Saylor recently presented Bitcoin 1400 to CEOs, where he discussed strategies for adding digital assets to cash reserves. In his interview with Davis for Cointelegraph, Saylor had some wise words about what Hodlers should do with their bitcoins if they hope to achieve generational wealth.

You should buy it and keep it forever, he said. My advice would be to mortgage it tax free, never take capital gains, never take operating income.

Saylor’s outlook reflects his own strategy to permanently change the digital asset as part of a focused campaign to adopt Bitcoin. His belief is based not only on bitcoin’s underlying technology, but also on the rapidly declining value of fiat currencies. His now famous analogy of money as a melting ice cube seems to resonate with his colleagues.

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