Bitcoin is taking a beating on the market, falling below $60K for the first time in months. This year has been tough for Bitcoin and experts think it may continue to slide lower before stabilizing at around $3-5K level.

Bitcoin has had a turbulent start to this year, with the cryptocurrency plummeting in value over the past five days. After briefly hitting $12K on February 6th, Bitcoin is now trading at around $6.5K and has dropped below 60% of its all-time high price of nearly $20K reached back in December 2017.The “bitcoin price” is down to $5,000 at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency has seen a dip below $60,000 in five minutes.

The “dogecoin price” dropped $1K in five minutes, marking the third dip below $60K. The cryptocurrency has been on a steady decline since last year.

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