The CIVID-19 is a new test that has been launched in South Korea to detect people who have underlying health conditions that may prove to be a threat to their health. The South Korean government have been researching this test for several years, and recently have been testing the results of the CIVID-19 in the nation’s cryptocurrency conferences.

A group of people who will be attending the International Cryptocurrency Convention (IC3) in Madrid, Spain this October are spreading positive sentiments to a community that has been devastated by the recent Bitfinex hack. A Reddit thread recently highlighted the positive news. The message is being spread by the people who will be attending this convention.

Some of the attendees at the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami last weekend tested positive for Covid-19 after returning from the conference, leading to a wave of negative media coverage and speculation on social media that the event could turn into a super spread. Bloomberg called Miami bitcoin a covid hotspot, and Gizmodo reported that the conference could be the last large-scale COVID-19 event. Arcane Research’s IT director, Eric Wall, was one of those who contracted the virus. He said on Twitter today that he underwent a CT scan after he developed a high fever and chest pain, and that medical staff suspected a blood clot in his lung. No blood clots were found, so Wall was able to leave the hospital and go home. Luke Martin of Coinist, a developer of automated trading software, also admitted to a positive analysis of COVID-19. According to CNBC, at least 12,000 people attended the event, which did not require proof of vaccination and did not mandate wearing a mask. The event lasted three days at the Miami Mana Winwood Convention Center, the halls were crowded and social distance was not kept. The event was the first major conference held in Miami since the pandemic began. According to a report in the New York Times, the lines to enter the building stretched for more than a mile. Miami Mayor and bitcoin advocate Francis Suarez spoke at the event. He was portrayed on stage as the most irresponsible politician in all of America and the mayor of the Mecca of freedom. Here are some images from the #Bitcoin conference. With an estimated more than 50,000 visitors over the two days, hardly anyone was seen wearing a mask. It is currently unknown how many people have been exposed to the virus. I’ll be sure to post more updates! – Mr. Whale (@CryptoWhale) 10. June 2021 Estimates on social media suggest that the number of participants and positive tests could be higher than the main reports. Influencer Mr. M. Keith told his nearly 235,000 followers that dozens of fellow members had since tested positive and estimated that more than 50,000 people may have attended the event. A screenshot of an image retweeted by Bitcoin 2021 organizer Dylan Leclair is circulating on social media. The image was critical of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Covid-19 vaccine registration system. Our future financial captains – Keith Erskine (@kerskine) June 10, 2021 Bitcoin 2021 was not the first cryptocurrency conference to cross the Covid-19 threshold: TorusLabs co-founder Zhen Yong urged attendees of the Ethereum community conference in Paris and the ETHLondon hackathon in early 2020 to get tested when he was diagnosed with the coronavirus after attending the events.