Ankr is launching a $10 million fund to support developers building on the Ethereum blockchain. The fund will be managed by Ankr’s DAGLab, which invests in DeFi-focused projects and platforms.

Ankr has launched a $10 million fund to support DeFi and Web3 growth. Ankr’s goal is to reach $1000 by the end of 2019.

The protocol for the blockchain Ankr V2, a decentralized web service (DWS) gateway for Web3 development, was released today, allowing developers to construct multi-chain systems, goods, and services. 

Ankr also stated that over the next two years, it would give more than $10 million in grants to support the construction of a distributed supercomputer and reward the production of tutorials and teaching surrounding Web3 development.

“Ankr is working to improve the autonomy and decentralization principles that are critical to the development of blockchain technology.” “We think the crypto economy requires a decentralized and trustless network in which individual operators are rewarded for supporting blockchain networks and developing better products,” said Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product.

What Ankr is for and how it may assist

Ankr has been a conventional service provider since 2018, installing complete nodes and validator nodes on behalf of users and networks, as well as providing hosting, public RPCs, APIs, and staking services. 

Ankr has released more than 25,000 node end-points to 75,000 developers and handled more than $1 billion in crypto transactions weekly. It now services more than 50 blockchains and L2 solutions. With over 200 node operators contributing to decentralization, Ankr’s staking node infrastructure has a total locked value of over $500 million. 

Ankr V2 will perform the same duties as a cloud computing platform, but it will be created for and in accordance with Web3 principles, encouraging the establishment of a dispersed worldwide network of node providers to construct a fast global supercomputer. 

It also gives service providers a straightforward method to connect to nodes, storage, databases, and a wide range of blockchain application services. The new open marketplace, which is powered by the ANKR token, will allow node providers to easily monetize their infrastructure and expand their operations in order to fulfill the rapidly rising demand for Web3 services.

The protocol has been under testing with Fantom and Polygon as a proof-of-concept, completing more than 20 billion RPC calls each week and on schedule to complete 80 billion calls monthly. 

All major blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and others, will now be supported by the firm.

This network of nodes also supports Ankr’s Public RPC (Remote Procedure Call), which allows developers to create highly functioning DApps such as MetaMask or DeFi protocols that need multi-chain data and interactions. 

Ankr’s infrastructure has already benefited initiatives like Spirit Swap, Zapper Fi, and Andrew Cronje’s NFT marketplace Artion on Fantom.

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Ankr launches $10 million fund to support DeFi and Web3 growth

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Ankr has launched a $10 million fund to support DeFi and Web3 growth. Their timeline is to reach an audience of 1 billion people by the year 2028. Reference: ankr timeline.

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